Imagine if you will a business which sells bibles, prayer books, and tracts on the lives of the saints, and on the other hand a company offering all kinds of cannabis oil products. Chalk and cheese, eh?

You’d think so, but people looking for CBD stuff have been causing problems for the Christian Book Distributors company of Peabody in Massachusetts. The business has been around for forty years, providing books to Christians all round the world, and employ no fewer than six hundred people. Now though their initials, and the fact that their website is, has lead to them having to change their name.

Ray Hendrickson, the chief executive of CBD, has re-named the firm Christianbook, simply because they were being swamped with enquiries from people thinking that they retailed cannabis oil-related produce. It got to the point where their phone lines were jammed solid with folk trying to buy CBD foodstuff and the like.

It’s a problem which Mr Hendrickson could well have done without, as you can imagine, but there again, think of the huge sum he could raise by selling the name That would bring a non-CBD-related smile to his face.