Here at Haughton Honey we decided last autumn that infusing our gorgeous honey with CBD was a good idea, and far nicer than taking CBD in dropper or spray form, and from the reaction we have seen since we launched, lots of other folk agree with us.

In the USA, where CBD was legalised at much the same time (in late 2018), they have zoomed off on some curious tangents.

Across the Atlantic, as well as CBD honey – some of it of dubious provenance, we would say – you can buy CBD in gummy bear form (too much sugar!), and in fruit drinks, chocolate, breakfast cereals, and teas. There are also energy bars and cookies, which sound good.

The very worst-sounding is popcorn. Yes, really – CBD popcorn. That’s not all though; the popcorn is additionally flavoured and you can choose from varieties such as cheddar cheese, peanut butter, turmeric, and sweet and sour. We don’t know about you, but we would run a long, long way to avoid any of those. Nor we would want to be sat near someone in the cinema munching through a vat of cheddar cheese popcorn, with added CBD or not.

You can also buy CBD water, which just sounds like a bit of a let-down. Best to stick with yummy honey, eh? In fact, stick with Haughton Honey with CBD.