Here at Haughton Honey we keep a close eye on developments in the CBD world. In North America, in recent times, hemp farmers and processors, and companies like ourselves who add CBD to foodstuffs have organised themselves into trade bodies.

They are lobbying government for greater clarity in regulations, and are working hard to make their industry more mature and better established.

They are also determined to root out problems.

One of these, sadly, is unethical people selling products which claim to contain CBD, but either have very little or none in at all. It’s rare, but it does happen.

So far as we can see, these are offered for sale solely on Amazon. They also tend to come from the Far East.

No matter what the product is, we would urge caution; look for figures which show how much CBD is in a foodstuff, and for independent laboratory analysis. Like all reputable CBD suppliers we show you both, clearly and unambiguously.