For some time there has been publicity about folk giving CBD to dogs who suffer from anxiety. David Barcly, the founder of a British CBD company says he’s seen lots of customers giving their cats CBD – and with positive results.

As he says, “There have been several scientific studies looking at the effects of CBD on dogs, but virtually nothing when it comes to felines. Much more clinical research is needed, but what we do have is lots of anecdotal evidence from customers who are giving their cats CBD. 

“They’re using it as a dietary supplement in the same way humans are – to treat a range of ailments, most typically anxiety. There are many, many YouTube testimonials where owners have given their cat CBD and it’s helped to instil a less manic, calmer behaviour in their pet. It’s also said to aid sleep. Other cat owners have given their pet CBD oil to help with the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.”

David recommends introducing CBD slowly, tracking your cat’s reaction, and stopping immediately if you notice any negative effects. You do also have to employ far smaller doses of products containing CBD, as of course a cat’s body mass is a fraction of that of a human. We are just bringing you the news on this, not advocating that you mix Haughton Honey with CBD in with Tiddles’s supper – but if you do then we’d be fascinated to hear from you.