It was the American television show host Oprah Winfrey who first said that cannabidiol oil was a great help with menstrual pain. That was about three years ago, and since then we have seen testimonials from a number of other women.

We were particularly interested in a feature by an American journalist who said that taking CBD regularly,
“. . . helped ease my menstrual pain, my red days are as bright as other ordinary days, and I get good relaxing sleep even when I’m on my period.”

She explained, “CBD oil interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system in our body. Studies have indicated it is this interaction that helps manage pain levels. Other studies have asserted that there are CB2 and CB1 receptors located in the uterus. When you take CBD oil it interacts with these receptors and in the process of managing the pain.”

She also mentioned, as the actor Tom Hanks has said, that CBD helped greatly with recurring anxiety attacks.

Here at Haughton Honey we make no claims regarding the health benefits of the CBD we infuse into our gorgeous wildflower honey. We do though report the opinions of users – the anecdotal evidence is very considerable – and suggest that you try CBD Honey. If nothing else it’s a real delight for your taste buds!