The Independent newspaper carried a fascinating and very touching story this week about an American ex-serviceman, who we’ll call John. He left the military a few years ago suffering badly from post traumatic stress disorder. He got help from his local Veterans’ Association, but John was still completely overwhelmed by the ailment. As he has said, “Many PTSD sufferers are stuck in a cycle: take pills, feel sedated, stop taking pills, then feel alive until the massive hammer of symptoms comes back. This is why we see so many veterans taking their own lives.

“There are far better ways to treat these symptoms while also treating the entire patient. Holistic methods like meditation, direct exposure to the sun, physical fitness, regular routines, and infrared light therapy.”

By 2018 he got as far as writing a suicide note.

Then John read about the legalisation of CBD, gave it a try, and quickly found that it worked for him: “I am not here to tell you that cannabis is the magic pill we are all looking for, “ he says. “It will not fix you. It will not magically heal all your ailments. But I will tell you this: while CBD continues to help me with my anxiety, sleep, aches and pains and racing mind, it hasn’t fixed me; I had to choose to change. What CBD has done, however, is help me to fight all the things that blocked me from making those adjustments happen.”

John has now been able to re-train as a blacksmith, which he enjoys enormously. We are delighted to hear of John’s positive progress, and wish him well for the future.

(This is a stock photo; the man shown is not John).