No. To say that most CBD products are absolutely free of illegal cannabis compounds such as THC would be inaccurate – even the most responsibly sourced and manufactured CBD products will have a tiny trace amount of other cannabinoids, but Haughton Honey’s CBD is 100% legal and will not show up on a drugs test.

The answer to the question lies in the way CBD is extracted. Several other trace elements of the cannabinoids can be seen too. These, in particular the terpenes, are thought to enhance the effectiveness of CBD in what is known as the ‘entourage effect’.

Using CBD products on a very large scale, that is to say quantities of up to 1000mg a day, may indeed cause signs of cannabis usage to show up on a drugs test, but to put this in perspective, 100mg is a highly concentrated dosage only appropriate for those suffering chronic and prolonged pain. It’s extremely rare for anyone to be such consuming a large amount.

Most drug tests do not look for CBD, and only a much more specialised comprehensive test would include it in its parameters – and if it did show up, it wouldn’t be considered illegal anyway.

So, to put the concerns of people wondering about drugs tests to rest, we can safely say our CBD products are as low in THC and other non-CBD cannabinoids as to stay well within the UK’s legal framework. We’re confident that unless, as we say, someone were to take an extremely large amount of our CBD oil or other products, they are very unlikely to fail a drugs test.

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