The simple answer is that we can’t think of any reason why not. We haven’t taken professional veterinary advice on this, but in North America wide range of CBD products are offered for pets. Cannabis is very bad for cats and dogs, but CBD is said to be entirely safe.

The CBD is sold is both supplement form, and in pet treats, and cat and dog owners gave it for exactly the same reasons that they would take it themselves. You can’t exactly consult Tiddles or Fido about their ailments, but experienced owners will soon spot problems which might respond to treatment with CBD. Essentially it’s just the same as giving your pet any other supplement, such as minerals and vitamins.

It’s not just domestic animals either; horse owners have been mixing CBD oil into their animals’ feed too. Writing on an authoritative American equestrian website, a trainer, Juliet M Getty said, “Chester is my 22 year-old horse. He suffers from arthritis in his hocks and knees and is now [after giving him CBD] moving with much greater ease. Clients who have decided to try CBD for their horses have offered very positive feedback. Inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and ulcerations are showing improvement, as well as pain relief from laminitis. Horses with anxiety or sensitive behavior, have a more relaxed demeanor”.

Leaving aside canaries and goldfish, there seems to be no reason not to give Haughton Honey infused with CBD to your pet, albeit in very modest amounts, if you think it would be efficacious. If you do, please let us know the results.