Hey look, here’s good news – and even better news. Firstly, it is now confirmed that it’s okay to give your cat a spoonful of honey as a treat. The only stipulation is that it’s natural, locally sourced honey (according to

Hot on the heels of that news flash comes another; CBD is safe for pet cats too. A report published recently says so. The authors make the point that most of the health problems that affect humans also affect our pets. Cats often suffer from anxiety disorders, which are evident in their behaviour. The study has shown that giving CBD to your cats can help in alleviating these problems.

Anxiety disorders can cause problems for cats. On occasion you might notice that your cat is hiding under the bed or in a corner, and just seems uneasy. This may be due to anxiety or depression. Studies have found that CBD can help in triggering serotonin and adenosine receptors in the brain. This will help in reducing your moggy’s fear and anxiety.

Three more plus points; CBD is also capable of alleviating many skin conditions and helps to prevent skin infections; CBD can also help to improve the sleep quality of your cats; and, finally, some felines suffer from arthritis and other inflammatory disorders that can reduce their quality of life – and again CBD will help. Go easy on the amounts, just to be on the safe side, but all in all Haughton Honey with CBD is cool for cats.