Terpenes? What are they? Well, you might not be aware of them but terpenes are all over the place; in just about every plant you can think of. Science recognises 20,000 different terpenes and there are more than a hundred different ones in the raw cannabis plant – they’re not unique to the plant; they appear in many other species.

Terpenes often give a plant its distinctive aroma, as in fruits such as oranges, and flowers such as lavender. Biologists believe that they evolved to make flowers and fruits either attractive to pollinators or repulsive to predators.

They are organic compounds, and they are crucial components in essential oils. Essential oils are a mix of terpenes and other compounds like flavonoids. Essential oils have distinct odours and properties because of their unique mix of compounds - including, of course, our friends the terpenes.

Bees make honey; honey makes happiness

The words terpenes and terpenoids are often interchanged although there are differences between them: Terpenes are hydrocarbons (consisting only of carbon and hydrogen atoms), while terpenoids are terpenes that have been denatured, often by oxidisation.

CBD is at its most effective when it contains the full range of terpenes – this is known as ‘full spectrum’ CBD – and it creates the ‘entourage’ effect, which is a phrase you’ll see elsewhere on this website. Put simply, the entourage effect is the benefit you get from ingesting multiple components of the cannabis plant together instead of ingesting one component indivually.

The terpenes compounds are lost during the extraction of the CBD from the hemp plant and have to be re-instated. Because there is a cost involved in this, and it is time-consuming, some commercial products skip it and do not contain terpenes. The CBD we infuse into Haughton Honey has all its terpenes in place and is therefore the most effective CBD you can buy.