How much CBD can you – should you – be taking, and how much is there in Haughton Honey with CBD?

CBD-infused foodstuffs are now quite numerous in the USA and Canada, including honeys. We looked at everything on the market over there and calculated the average CBD content. We left out two honeys which had a ludicrously low CBD content, and without them the average was 0.1% (it doesn’t affect the calculations, obviously, but the majority of American honeys with CBD are sold in very small jars – some as small as 100g. We sell ours in the same size jars as our ‘ordinary’ honey – a full 340g).

Researchers seem to be agreed that taking any more that this doesn’t lead to increased efficacy; it depends on your build, but it’s the optimum amount. Anything above that is unnecessary and wasteful.

Pure honey – as nature intended

So far as CBD sprays is concerned, as with other medicinal sprays, some of the compound is lost in the mouth, so not all of it is absorbed into your system. Plus, of course in a typical High Street spray, you get 5% in 500mg, which means that there is 20mg of CBD in total, as opposed to 850mg of 40% strength MCT in Haughton Honey infused with CBD.

All in all, eating honey with CBD is more efficient – and much more tasty.