Buying CBD Products

When it came to legalising CBD Canada and the USA were more prepared than we were here in the UK. Individual states had led the way; California was the first, making medicinal cannabis legal in 1996. Oregon, Alaska and Washington followed two years later. Colorado and Washington in the west decriminalised cannabis (which is a different thing, of course) in 2012, followed by Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Illinois in the east. The legal situation in the States now is patchy and somewhat confused.

Companies of all sizes had been anticipating the legalisation and began offering products with CBD very quickly indeed. These are now an impressive range on offer in North America, from simple droppers and sprays right through to fruit-flavoured popcorn with CBD (yes, really).

In the UK it is much simpler: In 2018 the Home Secretary Sajid Javid made all possession of CBD legal, so long at the THC content (the bit that gets you high) is less than 3%.

Cannabis oil is as pure and natural as the honey itself

There was immediately a lot of financial interest in growing hemp for medicinal purposes, including a stock market listing of a company to do just that right at the end of 2018. The range of CBD products is very limited at the time of writing; just sprays and droppers, and not a hint of CBD foodstuffs – let alone strawberry CBD popcorn.

That’s why we at Haughton Honey decided to offer our long-established (and utterly gorgeous) honey with CBD. It has taken a lot of work, and here it is.

The sale of CBD in the UK is currently not overseen by any regulatory body (unlike our honey, which passes every test with flying colours) and you do need to be careful what you buy – especially as CBD products are expensive (simply because each plant gives up only a small amount of CBD and the extraction process is technical and time consuming).

The first thing to look for is independently-tested laboratory analysis. If that doesn’t exist, look elsewhere. You can see ours by going here.

Secondly, does the CBD include terpenes? There is a piece on these compounds elsewhere on this website – click here – and research suggests that they are a great help in the efficacy of CBD, however it is taken.

Does the product tell you how much CBD is in what you are buying? Is a reasonable amount?

Does the CBD contain less than 3% THC, and is therefore entirely legal?

Has the company selling the product sprung up overnight, or is it – like Haughton Honey – long-established and reputable.

Where are the plants grown? Ours are grown in England. Far be it from us to cast aspersions, but we wouldn’t go near anything cultivated in the Far East.